Dear GEP-ED colleagues,

The following review article on the Earth System Governance network just came 
out in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability (COSUST):

“The Earth System Governance Project as a Network Organization: A Critical 
Assessment after Ten Years”

Co-authored by F. Biermann, M. Betsill, S. Burch, J. Dryzek, C. Gordon, A. 
Gupta, J. Gupta, C. Inoue, A. Kalfagianni, N. Kanie, L. Olsson, Å. Persson, H. 
Schroeder and M. Scobie.

Abstract: The social sciences have engaged since the late 1980s in 
international collaborative programmes to study questions of sustainability and 
global change. This article offers an in-depth analysis of the largest 
long-standing social-science network in this field: the Earth System Governance 
Project. Originating as a core project of the former International Human 
Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change, the Earth System 
Governance Project has matured into a global, self-sustaining research network, 
with annual conferences, numerous taskforces, research centres, regional 
research fellow meetings, three book series, an open access flagship journal, 
and a lively presence in social media. The article critically reviews the 
experiences of the Earth System Governance network and its integration and 
interactions with other programmes over the last decade.

The article is fully OPEN ACCESS at

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