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File openbsc/src/libmsc/gsm_04_11.c:

Line 692:               gsm340_rx_sms_submit(sms_report);
code cosmetics: I see from the old sms_route_mt_sms() that it looks correct 
(besides no switch(sms_mti) here which I hope you're sure is correct), but the 
code flow seems a bit weird now. The name "sms_route_mt_sms()" suggests that it 
has already been sent, which above log message also states. Yet we send it only 
later. I'm thinking the log should be moved below after sending concluded. Also 
the indicator whether it was routed or still needs to be sent seems a bit odd, 
could be made more obvious and/or clearly documented at sms_route_mt_sms() API 

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