Patch Set 1:

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File src/hnbgw_hnbap.c:

Line 430:                       talloc_free(name);
At this point I ask myself: who is deallocating a rejected hnb_context? As it 
is now, any failed HNBAP request leaves a hnb_context lingering, or am I 
missing something?

I'm a bit confused ATM and can't seem to grok what's going on there...
- hnb_read_cb() gets the hnb = osmo_stream_srv_get_data(conn);
- hnb_context_alloc() happens in hnbgw.c:accept_cb()
- hnb_context_release() happens in hnb_read_cb() and hnbgw_rx_hnb_deregister()

but semantically?

This might not be related to this patch at all, but if we're leaking, then we 
should probably open another issue for that...

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