Patch Set 1:

I have now written three proof-of-concept patches for several possible 
solutions proposed by me, Harald, and Neels. All patches affect libnetif and 
osmo-iuh. I don't see a way to implement a solution for this problem without 
making any changes to libnetif.

Our current options are:

1) Make libnetif provide a txflush_cb callback which allows the hnbgw code to 
safely close the connection after HNB-REGISTER-REJECT has been put on the Tx 
queue and the Tx queue has been drained. This approach should work fine but 
changes the libnetif API to a larger extent than options 2 and 3 do.
2) Set a flag in msgb->cb[0] which causes libnetif to destroy the connection 
after sending the message buffer. The hnbgw code can now destroy hnb context 
state in the close_cb() callback of the connection. Care must be taken to 
ensure that hnb_context_release does not call osmo_stream_srv_destroy() 
recursively. We also need to verify that msg->cb[0] is not already used for 
other purposes in libnetif (this seems to be the case).

3) This works just like approach 2, except that instead of setting a flag in 
the msgb control buffer we pass a message buffer of zero length to libnetif 
after passing the HNB-REGISTER-REJECT message. There is the unlikely 
possibility that queuing the HNB-REGISTER-REJECT message succeeds but queuing 
the zero-length message fails. My proof-of-concept patch logs a warning if this 
happens and relies on the other end to close the connection.

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