Patch Set 2:

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File src/libmsc/msc_mgcp.c:

Line 252:           MGCP_ENDPOINT_MAXLEN) {
While this code is correct because sizeof(mgcp_msg.endpoint) and 
MGCP_ENDPOINT_MAXLEN have the same value, I would stick to the idiom:

  if (strlcpy(dst, src, dstsize) >= dstsize)

So I'd use the exact same value for the dstsize argument and the truncation 
check, either sizeof(mgcp_msg.endpoint) or MGCP_ENDPOINT_MAXLEN, but would 
avoid mixing them.

The reason is just that this is a common idiom people auditing code will be 
looking for. Not obviously using the same value raises a red flag in a 
reviewer's mind.

See also the EXAMPLES section in

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