Patch Set 1:

> I would really hope there is another method than to add a
 > flag for every compiler option / CFLAG we ever want to
 > sue from our continuous integration setup.

It's not just one CFLAG here, there is a "fine-tuned" combination of warnings 
we don't want to see as errors:

        -Werror -Wno-error=deprecated -Wno-error=deprecated-declarations 

We can put it in all the files, sure. But I also want to be able to 
conveniently test this locally. So what do I do, copy-paste from the

For me what works best is the explicit ./configure argument, since (personally) 
I already have some infrastructure around to manage configure arguments (in 

So I think yes, this is the right place.

* It's about compilation = the realm of
* We already adjust a lot of CFLAGS in
* I can conveniently run the exact -Werror definitions that we use to pass or 
reject a new patch, by just remembering --enable-werror.
* ./configure --help provides "online doc" for -Werror and gives an explanation 
of why certain flags are set.
* It's not harmful to have that option.

(I'd actually prefer to have them defined only once, like in libosmocore, for 
all other projects, but we don't have a sharing mechanism in 

Do you guys have another suggestion that gets me similar convenience?

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