Patch Set 1:


minor cosmetics...
File ansible/roles/gsm-tester-modems/tasks/main.yml:

Line 2: # modems
USRP and UHD are not related to modems, it is about SDR based BTSes: the entire 
UHD stuff should not be under gsm-tester-modems/

Line 25: - name: install gobi2000 packages 
File ansible/roles/gsm-tester-network/

Line 7: - `bts_interface` (eth1): on which network interface the bts is 
"the bts are"? It's definitely more than one. Also the octasic vs. the osmo-trx 
vs. the actual Abis/IP ones are fundamentally different, maybe the comment 
should be more concise about that.
File ansible/roles/gsm-tester-network/defaults/main.yml:

Line 3: bts_interface: eth1
(same) maybe the name should be abis_ip_bts_interface ?
File ansible/roles/gsm-tester-network/templates/interface.j2:

Line 2: auto {{ bts_interface }}
oh, so these are the IP addresses given to the various components like 
osmo-msc, osmo-bsc, osmo-mgw, and they should be IP addresses that are 
reachable from the BTSes. So then maybe the name should just be 
public_interface? Most of the time they are just IP addresses to give to a 
component so that we can tcpdump its communication separately. Only a few of 
the components actually communicate with a BTS directly.

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