Patch Set 1:

> It works as both the function caller and the function itself are in the same 
> .c/.o file.

In this case the function caller is somewhere deep in libbsc, and it is calling 
a function originally defined somewhere deep in libosmo-abis. We are putting 
another definition that function in the local file, in the hope that the libbsc 
caller is diverted to the local function instead of libosmo-abis. Feels lucky 
to me, in the sense that the symbol is only pulled from the libosmo-abis 
library if it doesn't exist in the current ... erm ... "scope". Does it still 
work if libosmo-abis and libbsc both appear before the main.o on the linking 
cmdline? I'm not familiar with that.

Even if that magic works and it's only me not knowing about it, I still think 
it adds clarity if we *explicitly* wrap it?

BTW, so, if I by accident pick an already existing function name in my main.c, 
I silently override the other definition in the linking? Scary :) -- though I 
think I saw the compiler complaining about multiple definitions of the same 
function on occasions.

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