Patch Set 1:

File .gitignore:

Line 10: M3UA_CNL113537/src/src
> those src/src shouldn't be created in the first place. please fix the scrip
k, didn't know about that, will try

Line 13: bsc-nat/BSSAP_CodecPort.ttcn
> as stated before, we have the "../" to remove all symlinks, which
sorry, I will not do every single time I 'git status', that just 
doesn't work for me at all.

A workaround for me is to add '*' to the .gitignore locally, but it obstructs 
daily work like rebasing, and when kept in its own "not-for-merge" commit it 
keeps getting lost as soon as a branch becomes ready for submission -- annoying.

Maybe we can add


to /.gitignore and automatically generate each subdir's .gitignore from the 
link creating script? I can try that.

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