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I don't know why one would run git status all the time.  I probably use it once 
to twice per week, and whether I tyoe "../ && git status" or "git 
status" hardly makes any difference.  Takes like 3 seconds more.

I also really don't think it's worth spending time developing a technical 
solution for this, or either of us spending time debating related patches.  The 
effort is likely higher than compensate those "three seconds" for multiple 

The proper solution is IMHO to fix git and to add a way to make it ignore 
symlinks.  The second best solution is a script that generates .gitignore.  A 
manually maintained list of files is not acceptable.  It would change almost 
every day or at least multiple times a week at the current development pace 
(which is mostly done by me, hence puts the burden with me).

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