Patch Set 1:

> Can you confirm that the encoder is not automatically filling in s_bit 
> depending on whether an optional part is present or not?

The encoder does not change the s_bit field we pass in the template.

I don't see where such behaviour would take effect in the PDU defintion in 
GTPU_Types.ttcn. The only information this definition provides to the encoder 
about the s_bit field is that the opt_part
field of the record shall be encoded if the s_bit is set (via the variant 
PRESENCE attribute).

To defer setting of the s_bit to the encoder, it looks like we would need to 
declare something like a CROSSTAG attribute which sets the s_bit to '1' or '0' 
depending on the presence of the opt_part? I'm not quite sure yet how this 
could be expressed syntactically.

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