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Line 49: /* Trigger 'Insert Subscriber Data' messages to all connected GSUP 
to all GSUP clients is ok for now, as we only expect a single MSC+SGSN to be 
connected.  However, in larger scale networks we should check to update only 
those MSC/SGSN which are listed in the subscriber data as the "current serving 
VLR/SGSN" for that subscriber.  I believe we already have those fields in our 
database model, not sure if they're already populated though.   In any case, we 
should at least have a a FIXME here to keep remembering something must be done 
in the future to avoid ISD into VLRs/SGSNs that are not even serving the 
subscriber.  At that point, the respective "vlr_subscriber" would be 
allocated/created in them, despite the subscriber not existing.

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