Patch Set 1:

File src/libmsc/msc_vty.c:

Line 1384: static struct cmd_node ussd_node = {
> How much USSD config will follow? Does it really warrant a new sub-node?
My initial idea was to also add GSUP related configuration
here. I was going to init a separate GSUP client and use
it to connect to the external USSD handler (GSUP server).

Now I understood that this is stupid idea, and I can
reuse the existing link between both MSC and HLR...

Not MSC should connect to a USSD gateway, but the
gateway itself should connect to HLR.

So, probably, we can avoid having a separate node.

Line 1414:      else {
> the vty does pretty tight input checking, you will *never* get any other st
Ok, thanks for a tip! I'll drop this branch.
File src/osmo-msc/msc_main.c:

Line 634:       /* Initialize USSD */
> ("init_ussd" pretty much says it all, right?)
Probably, it's my bad habit to comment each code block...

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