Patch Set 1:

> I think the main problem here is that you're missing the L1 header

It's a problem of the current master. If you apply this
change, it should work, but there are some disadvantages
of this approach:

  - Both actual Timing Advance and MS Power level are used,
    while the higher layers may send Measurement Reports
    with spoofed value.

  - The Measurement Reports coming from the higher layers
    may contain neighbour measurements, while the messages
    being sent by trxcon (see sched_prim_sacch()) doesn't.

So, what I am going to do is to store a last Measurement
Report somewhere, and transmit it until a new one is arrived
from the higher layers.

Probably, some parts of the Measurement Reporting implementation
should be moved to L1, i.e. to the firmware, trxcon and VIRT-PHY.
This way each Measurement Report would always contain the actual
measurement results at the moment of transmission...

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