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Change subject: avoid bogus error logs when no cmd_timer is set

Patch Set 1:


hmm.. so I'm totally missing something.

They way I understand it, we set the timer because we expect something to 
happen. If that thing does not happen, or something else happens it it's place, 
then that is an unexpected condition, indicating that something went wrong.

Your log has:

20190809011936621 DMNCC DEBUG MNCC rcvd message type: MNCC_SETUP_COMPL_IND 
20190809011936621 DMNCC INFO leg(2147483649) is now connected. (mncc.c:627)
20190809011936622 DMNCC DEBUG Got response(MNCC_SETUP_COMPL_IND), stopping 
timer on leg(2147483649) (mncc.c:82)
20190809012014858 DMNCC DEBUG MNCC rcvd message type: MNCC_REL_CNF (mncc.c:946)

Why is the MSC sending MNCC_REL_CNF now? Something is out of sequence.

20190809012014859 DMNCC ERROR Wanted response(MNCC_RTP_CREATE) but 
got(MNCC_REL_CNF) for leg(5002) (mncc.c:76)

The commit message suggests this is random, but it looks precise to me. We 
wanted RTP_CREATE, but got REL_CNF.

I do not see this with nitb, and this MNCC send-expect logic was written to 
match it. I would assume something has happened in osmo-msc to change the 
sequence. This log message is showing that up.
hiding the log message does not seem like the way to go, either osmo-msc or 
sip-connector, should be fixed so that the sequence matches.

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