I just wish the bbc would stop wasting money trying to stop the unstoppable, ex 
pats who are not allowed to pay for a licence and I think the majority would, 
and the people who pay for a licence but spend many months of the year abroad 
who are denied access to tv that they pay for.

Whatever blocks the bbc and other broadcasters put there will always be a way 
past the system,  so why not accept this and look at ways to increase revenue 
from the millions of British people who would quite happily contribute but 
forced to find ways around the system if they want quality tv.


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>> > However it isn't a requirement to have a licence for on-demand
>> > ITVPlayer programmes or other sources such as Netflix.
>> My point exactly
>> And that really the detail is unclear
>> And quite frankly, enforcement will be near impossible in some cases
>Well the detail is clear enough for me - I need (and have) a licence.
>Enforcement is altogether a different matter. While there are veiled
>about techniques being developed, in reality it relies on honesty which
>be a commodity in short supply.
>If there was to be some form of logon required for online access then
>would hope that the developers of get_iplayer could accommodate this.
>Simon Morgan
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