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> If a tiny number of geeks can circumvent the restrictions by using VPNs,
> or hiring a server in the UK, or using VLC to watch a DVD, that really
> doesn't matter. What matters is blocking the masses.

Yes. And blocking mass copying of any material. Although that can be
detected by other means. But everyong involved knows perfectly well that
some 'leakage' will occur. It simply isn't practical or cost effective to
try to block *all* unlicensed access. Just to keep the levels down to what
is low enough to avoid it causing the BBC problems.

FWIW the people I know who live outwith the UK would be happy to pay the
fee for full access to the BBC as within the UK. And people I know inside
the BBC would be pleased if this could be arranged. Might significantly
increase their income. But at present the BBC aren't *allowed* to do this. 

One hope of remaining in the EU is that the EU has been moving towards a
'no boarders' approach to broadcasting. This is the stop companies like
Sky, etc, from charging people different amounts in different locations.
The change would probably have allowed the BBC to choose to offer access to
people across Europe in exchange for paying the fee. However this
presumably can't happen because the BBC will be excluded.

All still OT, though. 8-]


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