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One hope of remaining in the EU is that the EU has been moving towards a
'no boarders' approach to broadcasting.

Unfortunately the Television without Frontiers Directive does not go far enough. Even so, as a national broadcaster funded by what is in effect although not in law a tax, the BBC ought to be upholding the law. To agree national copyright licences is an unlawful partitioning of the Single Market. Far from promoting the Single Market, the UK broadcasters have been going in the opposite direction by leasing satellite transponders with narrower and narrower beams.

I am not convinced by the argument that European copyright licences would be much more expensive because 38% of the EU population speak English as an additional language. People want to watch television in their mother tongue. 13% of the EU population have English as their mother tongue, the same as Italian. For German the figure is 18%. German broadcasters are very liberal at making their television channels freely available. The Italians make SD RA1, RAI2 and RAI3 available unencrypted.

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