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Interestingly, all the HAF modes have been removed.

NO, they have not! You are using GiP 2.95, the "haf"
radiomodes were implemented in 2.96+ :

[therefore for those who don't speak Latin]
perl --type=radio --pid=p045j35r -i | FindStr "modes:"

modes: original: dashhigh1,dashhigh2,dashstd1,dashstd2,dashmed1,dashmed


perl --type=radio --pid=p045j35r -i | FindStr "modes:"

modes: original: dashhigh1,dashhigh2,dashstd1,dashstd2,dashmed1,dashmed

Thank you for clarifying this. I had thought v2.96 was mainly about changing defaults. I thought it had caused a lot of unnecessary confusion, and I don't like the idea of removing Flash support in v2.97, and that is the reason I have stayed with v2.95.

When I read your analysis and looked again at the v2.96 release notes I concluded that HAF support was new in v2.96 and that was something I had missed and that was the reason I had been unable to see the HAF modes with --info.

Re-reading the release notes yet again I realised that I had still got it wrong. What has happened (I think) is that for radio HLS has been renamed HAF, but for television it is still HLS. That does not explain why I could not see what v2.96 calls hafhigh as hlshigh in v2.95, or what hlsaacstd and hlsaaclow mean in v2.96, except they are said to be old HLS audio modes required for clips.

Maybe I am just more stupid than all the other readers of the list and everyone else understands it perfectly. Even so, I have to ask for whose benefit these changes are being made.

I also did not understand the argument that removing the aactomp3 option made maintenance easier. It was not many lines of code. The --command and --preset alternatives are more transparent, but why should users be put to the inconvenience of changing?

The "timeadded" part actually informs you
of when that specific audio programme first
populated your local "radio.cache" file;
it has nothing to do with the actual time
that audio file was uploaded/modified
by the BBC on their CDNs!
E.g., if I "--info" on my machine:

perl --type=radio --pid=p045j35r -i | FindStr timeadded

I get:

timeadded: 10 days 20 hours ago (2016-09-04T02:18:08+00:00)

(this specific radio show was
firstbcast:     original: 2016-09-03T06:00:00+01:00)

Yes, I have misunderstood timeadded. If I had thought it through properly, if it had been edited the version would be editorial rather than original. I am not sure why I would want to know when an entry was added to the cache. However mixing up metadata generated by the BBC with records of functions perfomed by get_iplayer in a notation used by the BBC is a recipe for confusion.

There is a saying, "Don't shoot the messenger ..." As always I am grateful to you for explaining it all to me. Please don't think for a moment that I am criticising you.

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