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> Anyone else finding downloads slow today? HVFHD1 is only doing around
> 5500kbps compared to normal speeds in the range 20-50 Meg! :-(

Such speeds I can only dream of. My line speed is 3Mbs with an effective
download speed of 2.6Mbs. Because of my terrible download speeds, I have to
throttle it even more so that other applications are usable so typically I
set get_iplayer to about 1Mbs until late in the evening when I resort to
"full speed" LOL.
In get_iplayer 2.96, the fact that under Windows we no longer get the
"...cannot fork..." error is a godsend to me as I used to bomb out between
downloads if I was unlucky.

I am about 5km from the BT cabinet so even when the cabinet is connected via
fibre, I doubt whether I will see much improvement. Fortunately the pleasure
of living in the countryside outweighs the slow BT broadband.

Simon Morgan

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