On 16/09/16 18:13, michael norman wrote:
> Oh dear, a can of worms.

Yes a can of worms of your own making by engaging in 'Farage' like,
sweeping, ill informed and abusive comments. As one poster said, the
reason why many left the UK was to avoid people like yourself. Write in
haste, repent at leisure.

> To make try and make clear what I said it was
> aimed at people who move their homes and everything else abroad, enjoy
> benefits of UK residence and don't expect to pay for it. I'm talking
> about expats who leave UK with fat pensions taking advantage of their UK
> status by buying cheap property and contribute nothing locally.

> Absolutely not people like yourself thats a whole different thing, how
> the BBC sorts this out I have no idea.  Is it the BBCs job to do so ?
> Can it do that ?

Somehow you manage to try and separate a certain 'stereotype' of
pensioners, of which you know seem to know nothing, from any other
person who has moved abroad ? You can't, just as broadcast rights do not
differentiate beyond in or out of the UK. You are therefore abusing
every person who has chosen for whatever reason to live outside of the
UK. Rich, poor, retired or not.

Lets be clear. It is technically very easy to watch BBC, or any other UK
channel from abroad. Getting yourself a Sky box for a lot Europe is the
easiest way. Online catch up from anywhere on the planet if you have VPN
to a UK IP address. The internet was built to get around blocks. The BBC
isn't going to beat it. The old days of restricted local markets became
redundant the moment people had sufficient bandwidth to download music,
and later video. Companies still try, but it will always be an uphill
struggle. The current system is a mess.

The comments were as to why the BBC could not or would not allow people
of any nation, be they expats or foreign nationals, to pay for that.

Your comment 'enjoying the benefits of UK residence' are ridiculous. Is
it really a right for the British only to enjoy? If it is then why are
you as a licence payer blocked from viewing your 'right' from abroad ?

TV is just another saleable commodity.

I'm sure that as a model Brit you are happy to sell British products,
but clearly only ones that suit you. Perhaps with Brexit, Britain should
just stop importing and exporting ? Mine is mine, and yours is yours as
well. Perhaps Hollywood should ban all film sales to the UK. Does that
appeal ?

You also seem to forget the amount of content the BBC sells abroad
already, presumably at a healthy profit, which helps keep YOUR licence
fee down. So jolly foreigner is already paying for and subsiding "YOUR" TV.

Why can you pay Netflix or iTunes or Amazon or other services on a
worldwide basis but not the BBC ? It seem that many would be happy to do
so, and why does the BBC not entertain this potential source of revenue
? I presume it is due to the issues with music rights etc that have been
previously covered on this list which would take some renegotiation, but
surely that would be a sensible avenue for them to pursue ?

Oh, and don't forget, you can charge all those rich ones MUCH more can't
you ? Perhaps you'll be happy then, though somehow I doubt it.


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