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My concern is privacy.  Did you read Vangelis's comment
about his research into what the information will be used for?
It is very different from what it says on the registration page.
The BBC is required to comply with the Data Protection Principles.

First of all, apologies for resurrecting this stale thread,
which, strictly speaking, isn't actually GiP related;
move on if offended by its OT nature...

I recently became aware of


a prelude to


So, it looks as though internet privacy is not a reality
anymore for UK internet users; the BBC asking for
physical address (postcode), valid e-mail address
and other data that personally identify you is but
a misdemeanour in the broader scheme put in place
with the new Act.

And people in the UK using VPNs for security reasons
have already begun being affected

I am not here to dispute UK legislation,
this was posted as a FYI for those not
aware already...

I am waiting for the person I spoke to at the Information Commissioner's Office
to call me back to tell me if anyone is doing work on this.
If not, I have been told I should in the first instance write to the BBC's
(or probably now OFCOM's) Data Protection Officer and
give him or her 28 days to reply, and then refer it to the ICO.

Hello Richard; has any of the above ever been pursued?

Kind regards

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