just a note that the service at https://bbc-rss.herokuapp.com has been extended 
to add feeds for individual brands and series.
This means an extra 40,000+ dynamic feeds are now available.
For example:-
Doctor Who - https://bbc-rss.herokuapp.com/rss/tv/pid/b006q2x0.rss
Cabin Pressure - https://bbc-rss.herokuapp.com/rss/radio/pid/b00lmcxj.rss
Just replace the PID in the url with the brand or series PID you're interested 
in. Individual programme PIDs will not work.
You can alternatively go to https://bbc-rss.herokuapp.com/pid.html, enter the 
PID and select 'PID Feed'.

Channel4/All4 and ITVHub programme/series IDs aren't implemented yet, but 
please shout if there's any demand.

I have also set up a Twitter feed at @SciFiPlayer for BBC Science-Fiction, 
Fantasy and Horror programmes, using dlvr.it to link the RSS feeds to social 
media as an example of what can be done with them.

Cheers, Mike

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