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> A few days ago Vangelis kindly told us how to record the BBC R3 FLAC
> streams using a recent nightly build of VLC.  Has anyone been able to
> play the recordings other than through a software player such as VLC?

> I can play a recording with the nightly build of VLC.  The speakers on
> my PC are adequate, but not suitable for listening to music, so it
> defeats the object if I can't play the recordings on anything else.

I've had similar behaviour on occasion from using a version of ffmpeg to
record the stream into an mkv container. The solution may be to try using

ffmpeg -i inputfile -acodec copy outputfile

as that tends to 'tidy up' things. Doesn't always work, but worth a try.
Had to do this a few days ago when the connection 'got forgotten' by the
server leaving ffmpeg hanging. Needed a ctrl-C to stop, and the result
wouldn't play until I ran it though the above.

Taking this further OT... I'd be interested to know:

1)  if others have sometimes had 'gaps' in the recording which are here
associated with ffmpeg reporting an HTTPS error. (Essentially a segment
goes awol)

2) What delays they get. Here the order of 2 mins behind FM seems typical.

I'm hoping all of this will *become* relevant because flac becomes standard
and gip can then fetch it. :-)


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