When Paul Thornett said,
"And I assume you know that you don't have to record the concert live,
as all R3 Proms 2017 output is available in lossless format in iPlayer
for 30 days." I went to the BBC web site to check. While I was looking I found this page

It seems that there have been/will be binaural simulations of the ambient sound without commentary for some Proms. There are links across the top of the page to 3 recordings from Prom 1, 2 from Prom 6 and 2 from Prom 7.

Further down the page there is a heading, "The Best of the Binaural Proms". I haven't checked them all, but some of the links seem to be wrong. They should be to clips with PIDs like p058qqj1. Some of them have PIDs like b08xcxsh which appear to be the normal R3 recordings.

The next Binaural Prom is Prom 29 this evening.
and click Try It.

So far I have only listened to a bit of the binaural Beethoven 3rd Piano Concerto from Prom 1, but I was not impressed. There is some width to the image but it is the same on both sides. I even tried swapping my ear buds over, and it was not obvious they were the wrong way round. I can understand why we can't have a stereo or surround sound image on television because it would make us sea-sick if the sound image tried to follow the cameras jumping around, but why can't we have a decent stereo image on Radio 3? After all, Radio 4 has stereo for panel shows.

I much prefer the way TV Polonia covers concerts even when it only had Dolby ProLogic, or the EBU covers the New Year's Day Concert. TV Polonia now has an AC3 stream on its SD channel.

One thing which has pleased me this year is that the BBC at last seems to have found the off switch on its rumble filter, and it has dawned on the BBC that the reason people buy sub-woofers is that they want to hear the low frequency effects and the low notes from an organ. I first noticed it in the current series of Poldark, and it seems to have followed through into the Proms.

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