From: Jim web
Sent: Monday, August 7, 2017 09:29

The first half dozen or so Proms I've recorded work fine. Occasional 'TLS'
errors about packets of unexpected length which seem to have no effect on
the recorded audio.

Some later recordings (but not the 'Ella and Dizzy' Prom) have begun giving
me 'HTTPS' errors which represent a missed chunk of audio data. I suspect
this *is* an 'overloading' issue but can't tell. In general these ruin the
recording for me in terms of listening, but are useful for analysis
purposes. [1]

For Prom 30 yesterday evening the 64 bit 31 July nightly build of VLC reported under its Statistics tab
Lost 0 buffers
Discarded (corrupted) 0
Dropped (discontinued) 0
There was something not quite right because it reported 180094 blocks Decoded and 90047 buffers Played when they should be the same after subtracting Lost. It also reported 32 bits per sample when Mediainfo correctly reported 16. Even so the figures are encouraging.

Since the FLAC stream includes all the R3 output during the trial you can test whether a recent nightly build of VLC gives you better results than ffmpeg without risking loss of a Prom. Of course it will not simulate the extra load during the Prom.

Delay was 2min51s behind FM.

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