I daily connect a USB hard drive to the machine as I then plug the disk directly into the TV to play anything that has been recorded, I also regularly plug USB keys and phones into the machine.

When I did the un-install and reinstall I didn't delete the .get_iplayer directory as I didn't want to lose my history file and I checked the get_iplayer install directory and the only things left were my own batch files, where can I find the options file ( I have never used it before)? and why would a reinstall not set it back to defaults?


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Thanks for the reply but unfortunately (or fortunately) I currently only have a single drive (C:) and it still has 67Gb of disk space left.

Sorry, should've noticed sooner that rather strange disk designation. A couple more suggestions/questions ...

Have you recently plugged something into the PC such as a phone or external USB drive? Could this have corrupted somehow your Options file in your GetIPlayer profile directory?

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