On 22/02/2018 13:40, Dave Widgery wrote:
I daily connect a USB hard drive to the machine as I then plug the disk directly into the TV to play anything that has been recorded, I also regularly plug USB keys and phones into the machine.

When I did the un-install and reinstall I didn't delete the .get_iplayer directory as I didn't want to lose my history file and I checked the get_iplayer install directory and the only things left were my own batch files, where can I find the options file ( I have never used it before)? and why would a reinstall not set it back to defaults?



In W7 it should be in a folder called 'C:\Users\<USERPROFILE>\.get_iplayer'.  Besides a possible 'options' file, there should also be 'download_history' whose contents are self-explanatory, and two *.cache files which hold the current radio and tv programme metadata.  There will be other files also.  All the four I've named explicitly are text files, and so can be examined in Notepad.  If there is an options file, check that it doesn't contain anything weird like the disk path you quoted.

Apart from that, I'm not sure I can help much further, though you could use the --debug switch to see if you can get a better idea of what's going wrong.

C E Macfarlane.

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