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It looks as though the best 25fps resolution you can get is hvfxsd, 960x540.  It is quite common for older programmes only to be available in HVF and DVF 50fps modes for HD resolutions, and not to have a hlshd mode.  The same applies to outside broadcasts.

Doesn't explain why hlshd was available for episodes 1 and 2 in 2013/4.

Nor that I was able to download Ep 1 in hafhd or hlshd a couple of days ago.

Rant, which may be safely ignored:

I do wish the BBC would get their act together, this is by no means the first time that this sort of thing has happened  -  others include:
> ...

The BBC's policy is set out in

(an article I have linked to before). HLShd does not appear in the table of Video and Audio profiles because, "To enable resolution, bit-rate and encoding optimisations to be made to the new encoding profiles, a test tape of representative content at varying encoding difficulties was produced by BBC R&D. This test tape was designed to test the encoder performance, using a range of content and included clips, from popular shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, East Enders and Top Gear."

HLShd is only supported as a legacy mode, and only by the Akamai CDN, so we could lose it altogether.

When I said many outside broadcasts did not have a HLShd mode, I should have said many red button programmes. Outside broadcasts which have been shown on mainstream channels do at present mostly have HLShd modes.

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