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Notwithstanding this, Charles was making the point that, from time to
time, in a series we might have some programmes at one mode and others
at another mode. Some consistency across a series should not be too much
to ask for!
Could it be that some episodes contain archive footage that is available
only in some resolutions?

Maybe in some cases however Episode 2 was available in hlshd in 2013 but not this year!

And the muddled shambles continues, the best available format for Nature's Microworlds Episode 3 is hvfxsd, so that's:
    Episode 1    hlshd    500MB
    Episode 2    hvfhd    1134MB
    Episode 3    hvfxsd   400MB

What a pig's dinner!

Interestingly enough there's a posting today on the support forum which wonders whether hlshd is being phased out as the "BBC isn't making programs available in hlshd (720p 25fps), only dvfhd and hvfhd (720p 50fps) for HD. The list includes:

Latest episodes of The Film Review, Click, BBC News at Six, BBC Weekend News and Episodes 7 and 8 of Below the Surface (Episodes 1-6 of Below the Surfaces are available in hlshd)."


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