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> Not sure about loudness of narrators, what I find extremely irritating
> - to the point of switching to another channel - is the overly-LOUD
> dramatic music. This is so loud that the narrator cannot be heard, and
> I then have to switch to using subtitles.

God yes, I have only very mild hearing loss, but I do have
hyperacusis, and (a) cannot tolerate the volume of the music, and (b)
cannot make out the speech.

They tell me that "object-based media" may one day solve this:


Don't ask me why it couldn't have been built in to the DVB specs 20
years ago, at a coarse level all that would be required is to send
speech separately from other sound, and have the receiver mix it.

> And even Attenborough's
> narration is not faultless - often his diction fades almost to silence
> but then perks up later. This variability in sound levels is not due
> to his unprofessionalism per se but sloppy sound engineering and
> editing. CJB

To be fair, he's 91, and his voice is weaker than it was a decade or
two ago. Still would rather listen to him than mumbling
twenty-something actors (never thought I'd start moaning about that
before I hit 40!)


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