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Interestingly enough there's a posting today on the support forum which wonders whether hlshd is being phased out as the "BBC isn't making programs available in hlshd (720p 25fps), only dvfhd and hvfhd (720p 50fps) for HD. The list includes:

Latest episodes of The Film Review, Click, BBC News at Six, BBC Weekend News and Episodes 7 and 8 of Below the Surface (Episodes 1-6 of Below the Surfaces are available in hlshd)."

My initial reaction was that it was too early to worry about this. When we had problems with Segment not found errors in HLS, that was at a holiday time and many programmes were corrected within a week of broadcast. Worryingly the number of programmes with no HLS modes is increasing. Even more ominous is that Flash modes also seem to be being withdrawn.

To take Ordeal by Innocence as an example, both episodes 1 and 2 now have editorial versions. Episode 1 has hlshd1 and flashhd1 modes. Episode 2 has neither.

If anyone wants to check the availability of Flash, you need to go back to get_iplayer v2.99, re-install rtmpdump and use --pid or --url.

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