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> Please see below ...

> However, like you, I'm beginning to get concerned at the moving 
> deck-chairs because it usually means that something good disappears and 
> what we're left with is not as good.  The loss of hi-def audio in hi-def 
> video is a classic case in point:  Why would *anyone* think that the 
> quality of the audio track is any less important than the quality of the 
> video track, *especially* where music is concerned, such as with the 
> Proms?  Given the above, I didn't bother to download the TV version of a 
> single prom this year.

I asked about this and the reason given was that the high res video with
320k sound borked too many user-devices which failed to correctly specify
what they could handle. As a result, there were complaints, and the BBC
decided it was simpler to end the 320k altogether. We got it for years
after this because they forgot to switch off generating it!

I agree this is crazy, but the BBC tend to be blamed when user devices
don't cope.

> The above also makes me wonder if this is the reason that increasingly I 
> find I have to turn the volume up when watching TV, because words get 
> lost in the 'mush'.  

I suspect that's more down to producers who want sound to be like it. Hence
all the complaints to Radio Times, etc, about mumbling actors...

I also focussed on DVB-T2 for Proms videos this year. Where, of course,
other deckchairs have been shuffled, with more to come, and also the threat
to the muxes which might axe BBC4 TV entirely! :-/

Our local muxs just got shuffled and the details were nothing like what was
pre-announced. Still, makes life interesting, dunnit! ;->


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