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On 03/12/2019 13:53, Paul Thornett wrote:
What about downloading subtitles and, if necessary, constructing a
Matroska file (.mkv) containing video, audio and subtitle? I can
provide more info on how to do this if you're interested.

I suppose it would depend on the program  -  last night I was watching an Horizon programme that I'd downloaded a few weeks back, 'The Honest Supermarket', and when Hannah Fry said that recently the sales of bottled water had, for the first time, exceeded the sales of cola, I couldn't distinguish the word 'cola' on first hearing. For Horizon, I suppose I wouldn't really mind subtitles, but for 'Seven Worlds One Planet' certainly I would *not* want subtitles all over the beautiful scenery!

I think I could probably work out how to use subtitles if it comes to that, but don't let that stop you posting something that might usefully benefit others, as well as perhaps myself.

Thanks and regards, Charles.

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