Not sure it has been mentioned on here (if it has I missed it, sorry), but a 
new version of get_iplayer came out in February.

Changes in 3.27
Removed deprecated --tag-utf8 option
For a programme downloaded multiple times, history search now returns the most 
recent entry with an extant media file instead of the oldest entry.
        Programme info pages and help page now open in new window/tab
        Play* links now open in new window/tab
        Play* links are no longer displayed for deleted files
        Play Direct links should now work in Firefox, Chrome, Edge (but not 
Safari) With Remote Streaming type = Auto
        Play Direct links are now only displayed where MP4/M4A files (or MP3 
files from obsolete versions of get_iplayer) are available
        Removed Quicktime, AVI streaming formats
        Added MPEG-TS, Matroska, AAC, Vorbis streaming formats
Windows: Fixed incorrect documentation link in installer finish screen
macOS: get_iplayer should work on Apple Silicon systems via Rosetta 2, but this 
has not been verified. The developers do not have access to an Apple Silicon 
get_iplayer 3.27 or higher is required with Mojolicious 9.0+. Earlier releases 
of Mojolicious will continue to work with get_iplayer 3.27 or higher.

Hope that is helpful to someone 😊



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