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The problem being unknown unknowns

Another unkown is why anyone watches - pit stop changeover is a joke

You'll be happy to hear that's not a thing since the Gen2 car went into service for 2020 season. The Gen2 car is way nicer than the Gen1, and the Gen3/'Gen2 EVO' has some interesting changes to aero and so on but was delayed by the production halt at Dallara thanks to Covid.

Formula E were in a tough spot when the original bidders for the Gen1 car failed to deliver, the collaborative effort turned out pretty well given the constraints.



It's surprisingly fun to watch. No tyre warmers, ostensibly all-weather road car tyres, a wide range of drivers with abilities from different disciplines results in a curious mix of tactics, mindgames, precision driving, lift and coast for regen and flat out attack. Safety cars can produce some hilarious, exciting or unexpected results (e.g. Valencia yesterday!)

Whereas F1 at the moment is usually a "who will follow Hamilton over the finish line", Formula E can throw up some real curveballs. Even qualifying performance can be wildly different between rounds. I love hearing all the tyre squeal, transmission whine and crunch of carbon fibre as someone does a full send into an impossible overtake :D

TV presentation is fairly engaging, presenters are enthusiastic and fans of the sport, plus race commentators Jack Nicholls and Dario Franchitti don't just scream into the mic like Crofty does at each race start, trying to mimic Murray Walker. Overall programme length feels nice, unlike the hours of exposition around the F1 races. Sometimes you get nice guest pundits like Mark Webber showing up too.

If you haven't watched for a while, give it a try :) The latest rounds are on the iPlayer, a Valencia double-header. The first one was quite controversial...

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