Perfect, didn't realise you could use a regex in there as well.

Modified to be '^Time:' as per Chris Walker's advice to check for the colon as well.

Thanks to all for the responses.


On 08/06/2021 09:39 am, George Eycott wrote:
Bear in mind you can use regular expressions, two of the most useful that I
find are ^ and $ for beginning and end respectively, so for example:


Will only find programmes titles that begin with the word Time, or


Will only find programmes that end with the word Time, you can combine them


Will only find programmes for which the title is Time (with nothing before
or after).

You can also limit by channel, so for example if you add:

channel BBC Radio 4

to the file, it will only find the programme you are searching for on Radio
4 (not sure which time programme you are looking for, but the same works for
TV channels as well).

That should help you narrow it down a bit! There are other ways involving
series PID's, so if you can find the PID for the series you want to record
just use that instead of the search 0 term, so for example I have a PVR file
that contains the following:

pid p04x5pd7
pidrecursive 1
type radio

This records all episodes of "Fortunately", again the same principle would
work for TV.

Good luck!

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I recently added the series 'Time' to my PVR search list. This has created
a file
containing the following:

search0 time

The problem I now have is that this is (unsurprisingly) matching all sorts
other series (e.g. Drivetime, BBC Newsline, CBeebies Bedtime Stories

Is there any way to add some sort of exclusions to the PVR search file to
to reduce these matches?



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