I have had this all working before but have had to reinstall my
server from scratch.  I am able to download the .ts file but when it
comes to convert I get an error:

open3: exec of /usr/local/bin -loglevel fatal -nostats -y -i
/media/www/iPlayer_Recordings/XXXXX_XXXXXX_original.hls.ts -c:v copy
-c:a copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc -movflags faststart
XXXXX_XXXXXX_original.partial.mp4 failed: Permission denied at
/usr/local/bin/get_iplayer line 2153.

The permissions on the get_iplayer files and folders look fine and
I've gone through the installation instructions and double checked all
the 755 requirements.

I can't see it being a problem with the iPlayer_Recordings folder as
the TS file is created there already.

Anyone any suggestions?



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