> On 14 Mar 2022, at 03:02, Nick Payne <njh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> No, here's an example of the quite different speeds for the audio and video 
> portions of a dash download - the 158Mb of audio took 31 

This has always been the case, though it is more visible now with 1080p since 
DASH is its default format, unlike 720p and others. There is no reason to 
expect that audio and video would download at the same speed. Video may be 
throttled as well, and there can be cases where the video stream is slower than 
the audio. Those media streams are intended for real-time playback, and even 
the low-ish speeds you get are adequate for that purpose. Audio is only a few 
percent of the total payload, so it only needs a few percent of the total 
throughput to keep up with the video. In your example, the audio actually 
downloaded at 5x real-time, which was about twice that of the video. Anyway, 
that has nothing to do with GiP.

> A second, and quite unrelated problem is that the estimated file sizes for 
> fhd 1080p downloads are always too high by a factor or three or

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