Hi Sharon,

> then issue the following command 'get_iplayer -g 33840' & onwards, but
> no matter what I do the end of the list shows up as '>' and doesn't
> allow me to download anything at all!

My hunch...

One of the parameters you have entered has a single quote, ‘'’, and that
starts a quoted string which can cross the end of the first line into
subsequent lines.  The normal shell's prompt of ‘$’ changes to ‘>’ to
show this line is a continuation of the previous one.

    $ echo foo
    $ echo foo'bar
    > xyzzy'

Remove the quoting behaviour of the single quote by prefixing it with a
backslash, ‘\’, which is an ‘escape hatch’ for proving a literal quote
despite its special meaning.  This is known as ‘escaping’, e.g. ‘escape
the ' with a \’.

Cheers, Ralph.

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