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Yes, I followed the instructions on that page to do a manual installation  for Ubuntu when Jon Hedgerows's PPA was withdrawn.  It worked fine then, and has been working fine for the last two years.

It stopped working when I upgraded from Kubuntu 18.04.6 to Kubuntu 20.04.4.

It looks like the PPA that you downloaded from a third party was built for an old version of the OS and wants to link against an old version of libxml, so is incompatible with the version that you now have after upgrading Ubuntu. You fix this by getting an updated PPA that is compatible with the libraries in the new version of Ubuntu.

With most programs you expect deleting and re-installing to be a solution

That's not something I've come across. UPGRADING software to be compatible with a new OS is often necessary, but just deleting and reinstalling the same software is generally just a waste of time.

David Cantrell

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