On 28/06/2023 23:11, fred.d wrote:
Recently (last couple of months) I've been receiving the warning message "You have programmes over 30 days old that should be deleted."

As I've changed my download directory a couple of times over the last year I suspected that I'd just forgotten one somewhere.

However I've gone looking and can't find anything.

I thought that using the suggested method of finding them "... --history ...720..." would help but it simply lists about 4400 of the 5400 items that I've downloaded over the years.

...so I went into the download history file which does show the download directory for each file. I then tried to cross reference the error list of about 4400 with this but of the samples I've looked at so far (about 50)  none of the downloaded files exist.

Any ideas why I would be getting the warning? Any suggestions for further investigation or fix?

It's something I can practically ignore, but I'd like to know why...

Basically, GiP used, and apparently still does, check for downloaded programmes which are older than, I think, 30 days, but you could turn this off via a command-line option, most probably, it was ...
... or perhaps ...
... but now ...
... no longer displays this option. However, despite this, the option still works if placed in your preferences file. Append the line ...
        nopurge 1
... in your GiP options file, and it should kill the message.

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