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> Hello,
>       I've compiled and installed libgii-0.6 and libggi-2.0b2.1,
> respectively.
>       When I run the demo programs:
>       %./demo --target X
>       After a window with title 'GGI on X' is created and a message
>       'Press any key to begin tests...' shows, and I presses a key,
>       the program will terminate with the following message:
>       Trying mode F1.[]
>       Suggested mode 640x480.V640x480.F1.D1x1.[C24/32]
>       white=16777215
>       black=0
>       lt-demo: error in loading shared libraries:
> /usr/share/chinese/xa+cv/wrap.so: un
>       defined symbol: XInternAtom
>       I have no idea how to solve this problem. Please help me on
> this.

Whatever the problem is it's 100% sure that it is not in any way
related to GGI, but if you post the log from running
GGI_DEBUG=255 ./demo
and then
LD_DEBUG=files ./demo
we can probably give you a hint on what's wrong with your system.

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