in hgc.c i find this:

dpy->fb.size.x = mode->request.virt.x / mode->request.text.x;

I believe it references this:

typedef struct          /* requested by user and changed by driver    */
        kgiu32          frames;         /* frames needed                     
        kgi_coord       visible;        /* vis. pixels, may change slightly  
        kgi_coord       virt;           /* virtual pixels, may change        
        kgi_coord       size;           /* size of visible in mm             
        kgi_graphtype   graphtype;      /* which mode ?                      
        kgi_coord       dpp;            /* dots per pixel                    
} kgi_modereq;

however the CVS log mentions no reference to "text" ever being there.  
anyone know what's going on?


>hgc.c:211: structure has no member named `text'
>hgc.c:212: structure has no member named `text'

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