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> I'm going to try a differnt approach at this.  I'd like to get dual headed 
> GGI support and am willing to buy a video card to do so.  What video card 
> should i buy?

        If only multihead and not new, fast, accelerated multihead is your
goal, just get an old PCI Matrox Millenium and an ald ISA VGA card of any
type and go MMIO-only on the matrox.  You can also easily add a monochrome
8bit card to multihead on any linux system.  The kernel supports it
> I've notice that matrox has a dual headed card, which imagine works with 
> itself :), and that the matrox seem to be more supported then the other 
> cards.  would that be the card to get?

        If they've got the docs, and also if someone is willing to write
the driver code to make it all work.  It won't be a walk in the park, I
dare say.


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