it's time to send some xmas greetings out to the world. 

especially for you i have coded a some demo-code for yuv->rgb and y-scaling.
it is included in the upcoming release of ggitv-0.0.13 (the xmas-release).


            unsigned char *d = dst;
            unsigned char *s = src;

            i = count = 0;
            while ( i < dst_size_y && y < src_size_y) {
                while (count <= dst_size_y) {
                    memcpy(d, s, src_size_x);
                    count += src_size_y;
                    d += src_size_x;
                    if (i >= dst_size_y) break;
                s += src_size_x;
                count -= dst_size_y;

can be found in ggitv/src/ggitvyuv.c. one version is for directbuffer, the
second is for ordinary visuals.

so far, merry xmas to all of you.

thats all

      -)=  Jan Kneschke -- Kiel -- Germany -- =(-

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