> With my DirectX port of GII, I set sym=label and the appropriate
> modifiers.

You should handle the mapping, i.e. set sym=`function the current
modifier+key combination is expected to produce`.

I assume Win has provisions to get the keymapping ... does it ?

However this is not your current problem.

> Running XGGI and xterm, I only get lowercase letters.   Looking at
> Xserver\hw\ggi\keyboard.c, which I take to be the keyboard handler for
> XGGI, I don't see where the modifiers for the keys are handled.  How
> does XGGI know when the modifiers are set?
> Do I need to send the actual shift, control, alt keys themselves??

Yes. This is necessary anyway for stuff like shift-clicking. Because:

> Currently I don't send these keystrokes.  I use them only to set the
> modifiers field.

That means, that shift-down, click, shift-up is merely invisible ...

So the intended method is to send modifier keys as well. Usually with a NIL
symbol, as modifiers are not expected to generate symbols.

CU, Andy

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