> > It does crash my system/keyboard when i try to quit the test pattern, 
> > that's probably cuase i'm using a old library.
>That's strange. Please enable Magic SysRq for debugging purposes and then
>help us to track that one down.

I'll do that right after i see if it still hapens with a recent version of 

> > A employee has just told me that his computer shop has instructed him to
> > ram his ps/2  keyboard into the serial port on his windows 98 machine.
>Umm - how would that work ? Maybe with a ps2/serial adapter, like the ones
>used for mice ... The PS/2 port is basically a clocked serial port, so it
>might be possible, but I'd rather use the two PS/2 ports for keyboards and
>the serial ones for mice.
>CU, Andy

Agreed.  I personally will probably buy some USB keyboards and mice.  Your 
method will work up to two keyboards.  your third keyboard would have to be 
serail "com3", and your third mouse could be com4. (and yes he used a 
adapter to plug the keybaord into the serial port.)

I just thought i'd toss out the idea for any deverlopers, who want to set up 
a large keyboard array, but are too cheap to buy USB keybards :)

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