Hi folks!

I released the alpha4-pre15 version of my 3dToolKit-project.

I write it to complement Mesa-GGI and LibGGI3D.

Mesa-GGI is for professional users
LibGGI3D is for people, who are friendly with 3d-programming
(someone may correct me, if I am wrong)

3DtoolKit is for people, who
   * are beginners in 3d-programming and want to learn doing 3d-things
   * want to push up a (complex) 3d-scenery as quick as possible
   * want todo 3d-things just for fun...

There is a website available at


On this website there is a link to download it and screenshots are there
available too.

Be aware: It's still in alpha, but the alpha4-pre15 is stable on my

I am happy, if you want to test it and report your impression and/or your
opinion to me.

Have fun,

Christoph Egger

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