This is the second of my series of interim releases of KGI-0.9
while Steffen is away.  You can find it at:

New in this one is:

* The VGA driver is _almost_ up and running in graphics modes.  It now has
full I/O, correct(er) mode negotiation, and what should be the correct
mode programming for 320x200 8bpp mode, but it blanks my display....
Also, framebuffer mmapp()ing for both the text16 and pixel framebuffers
appears to be working properly.  Textmodes work fine as well.

* LibKGI is now fully up and running, and all four of Steffen's original
demos are ported to it as well.  Use the 'master' demo to try to set a
320x200 graphics mode, and the 'text16' demo to set a textmode.

* The KGI kernel patchset has been ported to 2.2.14.

* Misc odds and ends and cleanups.

        Now that we have a VGA driver, anyone with a PC should be able to
test with it.  I would appreciate some bugreports and/or patches.  I need
help tracking down the last few graphics modesetting bugs so I can get to
work on the LibGGI target.  I also have a few more patchsets to integrate;
Jos' ViRGE work, the Matrox driver that someone out there said they were
working on a while back, and my own 2.3 kernel patches.  I will release
another -jmt tarball with that stuff as soon as I can.  In the meantime,
please test this release if you can.


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